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Tuner Invade Garage

Tuners Invade is more than just a car show; it’s a vibrant community that celebrates creativity, power, and camaraderie. Let’s meet on the Elite Floor of the Tuners Invade Garage and explore what makes this event truly special.



The leader of this automotive display is the visionary John Stagnitta. His passion for cars and commitment to fostering a tight-knit community has transformed Tuners Invade into a must-attend event. John is a prominent figure in the automotive world, particularly when it comes to importing and selling cars.

For over 3 years on the last Saturday of each month, car enthusiasts from all around Florida have come to Orlando. The venue? The top floor of the Tuners Invade garage, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline and its iconic theme parks. Every month, Tuners Invade unveils a fresh theme. From holiday celebrations to movie car tributes, attendees experience a kaleidoscope of automotive artistry.

Real screen-used Fast and Furious cars, rare imports, sleek exotics, and the hottest custom builds in Central Florida separates this meet from the rest.



Tuners Invade isn’t confined to the garage. Throughout the year, they organize exhilarating car cruises that kick off in Orlando and wind their way through scenic Florida landscapes. Imagine parking your pride and joy at exclusive spots, surrounded by fellow gearheads.



These meets buzz with activity. Grab yourself something tasty from the food trucks, explore vendor stalls, and snag exclusive merchandise. A live DJ sets the beat, and giveaways keep the excitement alive. It’s a sensory overload for car lovers.



Tuners Invade breaks down barriers. Whether you’re into JDM classics, European exotics, or American muscle, everyone finds common ground. The shared passion transcends make, model, and style. Here, we’re all part of the same automotive family.

Prepare for the 2-step competition! Cars line up to spit flames to see who can produce the most thunder. Hosted by Bigsumoan, it’s a battle of style, its up to the cheers of the crowd to determine the winner.

Tuners Invade maintains a strict code of conduct. No burnouts, no reckless speeding- just pure automotive appreciation. Families feel at home, knowing they’re part of an inclusive and safe environment.

Tuners Invade isn’t just about cars; it’s about forging connections, celebrating creativity, and igniting the passion that fuels our love affair with the open road. So next month, as the sun sets over Orlando, join us at the Tuners Invade garage. Let’s make memories, one car at a time.


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Written by Tyler Mard

Photography by Daytona Media

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