We are sure you’re wondering what White1Media is and why we chose that name for our brand. In fact, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. If you don’t know white is the color of purity, the future, and all the combined colors in one. With that being said it goes hand in hand with what our goal is in this world. We want to bring the car community, businesses, and people all together as one. We are a media company targeting the automotive enthusiast. Many of us get out of our car & look back at it smiling, or even sometimes stop and take a handful of pictures of our cars and scroll through our phones trying to find that right picture. What we want to bring to you is quality memories of your build that you can hang on your wall, set as a screensaver, or share with your friends to show off all the little details you’ve worked hard for. Yes, we love the car industry but we are also hardcore business fanatics. If you’re reading this and thinking you are too, let us help you market your business with our ongoing experience in social media networking, web design & graphics. We started this journey in 2014 in Worcester, Massachusetts hungry for more all the way to Florida in 2018 and plan on continuing to grow.